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Ariana Grande - Positions album cover

Welcome to NK’s Album Flashbacks, where the Negative Kitty shares her thoughts on not-so-recent albums. Today’s album review: positions by Ariana Grande!

Candles, check. Bath bomb, check. Chardonnay, check. Bag of Fritos, double check (I brought two). Mmkay — we’ve officially entered the slay zone.

Ariana — what a queen. Let’s cut right to the chase: I will never get enough of listing to her album positions. The melodies are beautiful, the beats totally get me going, and her vocals are just… ahhhhh.  If you want something that mixes R&B, pop, hip hop, and jazz all while hearing whistle notes that scratch that itch on the back of your frickin’ BRAIN, then positions is the album for you. Of particular smexy-ness to me are the delightful string arrangements found throughout the album. I’ma be real witchu idk if that’s a quartet or a more-tet but whatever it is, mmmmmmmmm.

Many of the tracks from Positions were released as singles and performed very well among the public, like “positions,” a song about the different ways you can… ya know. Do shmex and bang. Huehuehuehuehuehuhe. >___> This title track is emblematic of the shmexual smoothness of this entire album’s experience. I got so much frickin’ Frito dust on my paws right now and I’m relaxing so frickin’ hard to this shmexington-ass track.

But lest we forget the other certified booty-ton bangeronies on this delightful AF music record. These are some of my favorites:

“34+35”: This song has a not-so-hidden message. Do the math, sis! Now, don’t go getting too h*rny or nothin’… this is a classic doe. Again, those strings, to die for! OOPS. Got so h*rny I died.

“motive”: Ooooooooo, a wee bit of Doja Cat mayhaps. Mmmmmmmsome Dojeington, maychance. Very nice. Let’s friggin go breh. Yes.

“my hair”: Mmkay, THIS one is fierce. Homegirl talkin’ bout “so run your hands through my hair” — um, RELATABLE! My thick kittyful locks start tingling when I hear this one — my fluff stands on edge and I go purrr purr purrrrrrrrrr. Although it’s true that only the lucky minority are able to experience the thrill of petting my luscious digital mane, you may pretend. Just don’t go against the grain… or I’ll strangle u! Angelically <3

Positions was released in 2020, but don’t feel like you missed the boat if you haven’t listened to it yet. It’s just another bit of Ariana Grande’s ever-growing stunning discography. Seems like sis is currently taking a break from music in order to focus on her role in Wicked, but once she’s out of her musical theater era, I anticipate she’ll make a triumphant return to pop music. I’ll be waiting right here with hot chips and lies.

Ta-ta for now my delectable scrumpchkins!

– NKmeow <3

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