About Us

"There are no bad kitties. Only good kitties with negative attitudes."
- Us

That personal mantra of ours has nothing to do with video, animation, or marketing. But we based our studio’s name on it anyway. Because we’re different like that.


We view the “content landscape” as being vast and unforgiving, like an avalanche of cold gray sludge. We like work that stands apart from the sludge. Sticks with us. Inspires us. Changes us. How ’bout you?


Allow us to introduce ourselves: we’re Negative Kitty, a small agency headquartered in Brooklyn, NY with team members on the East Coast and beyond. We serve the Northeast U.S. and worldwide with our eye-catching animation and live-action videos. We’re known for work that people say is “zany,” “colorful,” and “out-there.”

- Est. 2021

- Serving the northeast U.S. & beyond

- Allergic to B.S. (just kidding)

We’ve worked with indie creators, major label music acts, and multimillion dollar companies. Our client work has been featured by publications like The Alternative Press, Brooklyn Vegan, and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. We also keep the stove hot with our own independent creative projects in art and music.


The concepts we bring are always fresh, and rarely frozen. Our work isn’t for everyone — but if you get it, you might be the type of client we’re looking for.


So if you’re ready to talk, then don’t be a scaredy-cat! Reach out today and let us know how we can help.


– The Negative Kitty Team

The Team

Seby X Martinez

Creative Director & Producer


Seby is a director, writer, producer, and multimedia artist. The trippy, out-of-this-world music videos he’s made for artists in various genres have made headlines, and he brings bold, uncompromising vision to every Negative Kitty project.

Kurt Vinci

Kurt Vinci

2D Animator, Illustrator, Graphic Designer


Kurt is an animator, illustrator and graphic designer bringing vast knowledge and skill to the table. He is an animation junkie, an animal lover, and a regular animation lecturer at Western Connecticut State University.

Andrew Feyer

Audio Engineer, Sound Designer & Composer


Andrew is a multi-instrumental musician with a deep background in audio engineering and sound design for live events and recordings for artists of all genres. He can be found putting together events with SoFar Sounds and playing fun shows with his own eponymous music project.

Jeff Spencer

Associate Producer


Jeff is a paralegal, foodie, and podcast host extraordinaire. When he’s not producing projects with Negative Kitty, he’s shining light on restaurants, hometown heroes, and everything else in his neck of the woods in Connecticut via his podcast Sweet’N Up.

Aside from the core team, we have 10+ talented collaborators on our roster, bringing major skills in animation, video production, audio production, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

We price all our projects individually, catering our proposals to your specific budget and goals. Let us know what you’re working with and we’ll help you form a plan of attack.

Anyone who needs quality video & animation, and especially people who want it with a unique narrative or stylistic edge!

We usually follow a 5-step process that goes something like this.

Discovery – You tell us what you need and we ask questions to make sure we’re seeing the big picture.

Proposal – We devise a killer plan.

Production – We make it happen.

Revisions – We add the final touches.

Delivery – You’re off to the races!