Music Video

Freakishly Awesome Vids

Our music videos take viewers to another dimension. Whatever your vision may be, we can help make it real, whether it’s a live action video, an animated video, mixed media, lyric video, or a visualizer.

To Get Started, We'll Need...

  • Your music
  • Your concept or creative vision (if you have one)
  • Info about your campaign’s specific goals and needs

Our video for Ice-T’s Grammy-winning band Body Count was seen by over a million viewers on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The Process...

  • We work together to refine the concept and the gameplan
  • We take care of crew hiring, casting, locations, set design, and other logistics
  • We shoot it, draw it, or otherwise make it so
  • We go into post production and keep you updated along the way, incorporating notes and feedback
  • We send finalized assets and you’re off to the races!

Optional Deliverables

  •  Cut-downs/promo cuts
  •  Behind-the-scenes videos
  • Behind-the-scenes photos
  • Vertical format cut-downs & promo cuts