NK Team’s Top Halloween Horror Flix!

Welcome back everyone! Today we take a look at what the Negative Kitty team loves to watch when they’re in the mood for a scare, a good fright, mayhaps even a good Spookington Ramirez if you will!

Meow meow! In case ya missed it, its October ya betches, and ya know what that means? Anything and everything scary! We at Negative Kitty like it a little terrifying, (some of us more than others), so let’s take a look at the top three horror movies from a few members of our team!

First up is our Creative Director Seby, with only the most refined, cerebral and conceptual of films. Really classy picks ova here I’m telling ya!

Seby’s Top 3 Horror Movies

Human Centipede 2 (2011)

“The most sinister, artful, and intellectually stimulating in the franchise is presented in black & white… and brown. Few ‘properly produced’ movies in history approach the levels of depravity seen in this sickening flick, but there’s still an overarching sense of humor and showmanship to it, along with an unforgettable performance by Laurence R Harvey. This film pulls no punches, showing you some reeeeeeal messed up shite. Yes, I AM a sicko!”

From Dusk Til Dawn (1996)

“The first time I watched this I had no idea what it was about — I went in completely cold. So the mid-point reversal, after half a movie’s worth of crime drama buildup, thoroughly blew my tits off. The humor and gory action throughout, topped with delightful appearances from the Cheech Marin, Tom Savini and Fred Williamson, keep the blood running hot. It’s a stylish film and I don’t even mind the foot scene.”

The House That Jack Built (2018)

“If you know me you know that Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist forms the bedrock of my entire personality, but Jack might edge it out as my favorite Lars flick and one of my favorite pictures ever. It delivers everything I love in an LVT film and then some: tongue-in-cheek sadism, hilariously dark WTF moments, and intellectual wankery with a dollop of self-reference. But the cherry on top is the final 30-minutes or so, where it all comes to a head for Jack in a long, haunting, and stunningly shot and pieced together sequence.”

If you love your movies scary, sexy, and smart, Seby’s picks have got all that and a lil more.

Next up is our Content Developer Shreyoshi’s fav horror movie picks!

Vampire’s Kiss (1988)

“Now with a title like that you’d expect some seriously sexy vampire antics a la Interview With The Vampire (not that the deranged and disheveled Nick Cage doesn’t deliver this). But instead you get a psychotic fantasy that is as funny as it is fucked up, as much a criticism of capitalism, Manhattan at the time, and bosses, as it is an exercise in excess. It’s a black comedy that seems like a personal attack on the audience with how aggressively in your face Nicholas Cage is, but he’s what makes the film really stand out. The film is as an ode to its writer’s broken relationship with the film’s producer. It’s dramatic, campy, scary, and endlessly hilarious.”

Kingdom (Netflix Series 2019-2020)

“This zombie series is set against the backdrop of medieval Joseon period Korea. Extremely visually stunning, leaning heavily into Korean history and influence, this series keeps you glued to the screen to the very last second. I binged the entire series with my mother during the pandemic within a few days, super addictive and to this day we keep hoping they will extend it for at least one more season! It makes great use of tension, body horror, and a few well placed jump scares to keep you deeply invested in the storyline.

Martyrs (2008)

“Now the real horror of this blog post is the Negative Kitty team forcing me to choose only three films. How dare I not be able to list every single horror movie I adore or genre within horror I am obsessed with like Cosmic Horror! 

Martyrs is one of my favorite films ever that I have no plans of watching in the near future because I don’t have it in me to watch it alone again, yet. Somehow this transcends torture porn as a deeply emotional and straight up stunning movie that achieves so much, while also being profoundly unsettling. Absolutely not a movie for the faint of heart, it’s a beautifully horrifying experience that leaves you a little (lot) empty afterwards, but it’s in an artistic and good and nice and cool way.”

Hopefully the Negative Kitty team hasn’t scared you away by now! Let’s bring it back down a notch with our scaredy-cat Lead Animator Kurt’s top three classics that keep it fun and spooky for anyone, no matter your fright tolerance level.

Kurt’s Kollection:

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

“I don’t like scary movies that much so this one’s my favorite because it’s the perfect amount of scary and filled with humor that never gets old for me. Throwing records at the zombies approaching is a classic scene, for example.”

Scooby Doo Films

“All of the Scooby Doo animated movies are a necessary addition to this list. I’m listing them all as a whole because I can’t think of any favorites at the top of my head, but I know I always enjoy joining Scooby and the gang on a mystery.”
Seby’s note: I’m quite partial to Zombie Island myself.

The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone (1979)

“There’s nothing better than having a few shots of candy corn infused Dubra (cheapest vodka around) and watching the Halloween special of a classic cartoon.”

Well if you know me, you know I’m a sucker for cheap vodka >_<

What are some films you love to watch when you’re in the mood for horror? Let us know so we can expand our own watch list!

Until next time…


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