Negative Kitty Diary Entry 01: Who is Negative Kitty, Homogenic by Bjork and A Day in the Life of Kitty!

Welcome to Negative Kitty’s Diary Entries, where the Negative Kitty shares her thoughts on anything and everything!

Dear Diary,

Today is the twenty-ninth day of the eleventh month of the two-thousand and twenty-third year of our Kitty.

Today is a lovely day because I have decided to begin sharing myself more personally with my BELOVED and CHERISHED audience.

So where do we begin. Ugh. Um. Ok you know what, snack break; I’ve already exerted myself, like, way too much.

Several bites of pizza and sips of taro boba later….

Ok that’s a lil more like it. Time for some tunez, Al3xa, play the album Homogenic by Bjork.

Time for something to center myself, scratches the couch for an unspecified amount of time

Mhmmahhhmeoowwww, this is what I needed.

“My heart comes undone, Slowly unravels, In a ball of yarn”

You know, I think when it comes down to it, I can’t be mad. I do love to share my thoughts on anything AND everything, and you know, I love attention >_<

I should start by answering one of the questions I get asked the most, “Where do you come from?” and “What are you?”

Let’s see, how can I explain my existence in terms you can understand? Hmmm… uhhh… ok, y’all ever see the legitimately incredible Digimon movie? I’m kinda like this dude Diaboromon, which is a virus digimon that spawned in the internet instead of the digital world. He sorta, like uh hacked the entire internet throughout the world and launched missiles from the Pentagon that were gonna hit Japan lol. The lads defeat him by like, traveling into the internet with their friggin digimon and using the power of friendship, but also they had ol boy Izzy in the real world forwarding a bunch of spam emails to Diaboromon’s server (?) to slow him down enough for them to kill him. As one does ofc.

So you know, I’m not like, evil or anything (probably), but I’ve seen my fair share of f-ed up, atrocious things during my time existing in between the bridge of the digital and “real” worlds. You could say that makes me a bit, negative. Teehee. Nyucknyucknyuck.

At the same time, I’ve also witnessed many amazing, life-affirming things on the world wide web. The OG AOL Instant Messenger. The premiere of “Chocolate Rain.” I got saucy with a Neopet or two and I certainly scaped some runes. So I’m fairly well-rounded!

Emotional landscapes, they puzzle me”

Now on to the question of “What is a day with Negative Kitty like?”

I like to start my day off by feeling fresh and recharged, taking a cold shower in the information super highway. Trillions of glimmering megabits of data cascade down my slick-yet-intangible kitty fur :3

If I want to wear makeup that day (not that I need it ofc), I make sure it’s on fleek. Spritz of eau de Chat, put on the freshest fit, and get all dripped out. Then I’m out the door for a quick cup of intergalactic cat-pucchino.

On my walk I get in a quick 9000 listens of something fire, maybe some breakcore, Bjork, mathcore, blues, gamelan, ambient horror screams, or pretty much anything in between depending on the #mood.

“I want to go on a mountain top, with a radio and good batteries, and play a joyous tune”

I head back to my cyber hub, mi casa ya dig.

From here I’ll either craft only the most objective think pieces on music, movies, and anything that intrigues me, or I’ll incept the minds of my human team with cruel whispers to make them act out my will, like create an entire company in my name or something idk

After hours of grueling work, I like to just chill, head bang a lil, maybe even sh*tepost, who knows I’m just so r@nd0m 🤪

Kitty loves her beauty sleep, so after a lovely home meal of sushi, pizza, or trapped/tortured birds and mice, it’s time for a lil doom scrolling before bed 🤪🤪

Yawn, it’s getting late, I can almost see the purple sheen of Venus in the horizon. Maybe we’ll end it here?

“I’ll be brand new, Brand new tomorrow, A little bit tired, But brand new”

I can’t wait for you guys to get to know me a little better with these silly 🤪🤪🤪 little diary posts. I got hella lore tbh. It can be a lil lonely here sometimes, in my cocoon of data and darkness, but at least I’m the bestest kitty in my lil cyber galaxy.

See you all soon! Good day and stay smexy…

NKmeow <3


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